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I'm years old, born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, currently living in Houston, Texas. I enjoy reading history books, playing strategy games on PC and watching Anime.


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Who's Riding Where

Who's Riding Where is a website that promotes events for all cowboys and cowgirls out there looking for something to do on the weekends. The website features events posted by promoters from all over United States.

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Do you feel your house is cluttered? Maybe you haven't cleaned that closet or kitchen drawer in years. April Burkett offers organizing services for your home and office.

Houston Association of Professional Landmen

The HAPL app has help the association leap into the 21st century and help its members re engage with the association.

The Houston Association of Professional Landmen is a non-profit, professional organization founded in 1946 for the purpose of: promoting the landman profession, arranging and coordinating educational and social events for members and contributing to social needs of the Houston community.